Our American Legion posts throughoutthecountry go above and beyond the call of duty every year and particularly after natural disasters such as tornados, floods, hurricanes, and snowstorms. Those posts in impacted areas typically step up and extend a helping hand to those in need, evenif their post home, and personal homes, may have sustained damage. Posts do this work and put forth effort, not for the recognition, but because it is the right thing to do.Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic, many posts have stepped up to assist their members and their communities. Examples of what some of these posts have done can be found at this link:
Posts that have handled logistics, became an emergency action center, provided shelter
(for COVID-19, prepared and distributed food, supplies, masks, etc. while maintaining a safe distance) andextended support to their communities in times of natural disastersand the COVID-19 Pandemicare shining examples of The American Legion at its best, and each and every one of them deserve to be recognized for that. In order to give these posts their proper recognition, the National Emergency Fund Post Excellence Awardwas established in 2009 and it is once again being offered to those posts that helped their communities impacted by a natural disaster or COVID-19 during 2019and 2020.Departments may submit to the National Internal Affairs Division posts that should be considered for this recognition of service award by the National Commander. You must submit a written narrative (no more than 500 words), along with documentation which may include newspaper clippings, photos or videos on a flash drive, CD or DVD, to: The American Legion, P. O. Box 1055, Indianapolis, IN 46206, ATTN: Internal Affairs. Please have your input to Internal Affairs no later than September 25, 2020. At the 2020FallMeeting of the National Executive Committee, the Internal Affairs Commission will review these submissions and validate the recipients to the National Executive Committee. This award previously was to be determined at the Spring NEC Meetings, but due to COVID-19 causing cancellation of the Spring Meetings, we have determined that this award will be determined at the 2020 Fall Meetings and will include posts that have provided services. Questions can be directed to Michele Steinmetz, NEF Coordinator, Membership & Internal Affairs Division at (317) 630-1321 or msteinmetz@legion.org, or toJack Querfeld, Director, Internal Affairs

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